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Interstate 680

Interstate 680 is the outer expressway in Metro-Omaha. This was originally part of Interstate 80N. When the AASHO eliminated the "lettered" interstates the idea for I-280 was tossed around, but due to a I-280 at the Quad-Cities this was dropped. It was then changed to I-680.

In Nebraska, I-680 is not multi-plexed.

Interstate 680 crosses the following interstate in Nebraska.

Interstate 80, at Omaha.

SB I-680 at I-80.

Info on the parent route to I-680.

A overhead sign on SB I-680.

NB I-680 north of I-80.

NB I-680 north of NE St Rt 64.

A junction marker on NB NE St Rt 133.

A mileage chart on NB I-680. NOTE: The mileage to I-29, this is in Iowa.

Overhead BGS's on NB I-680.

Another mileage sign with I-29 on it on NB I-680.

A junction marker for I-29 in Nebraska on NB I-680.

The first look at the bridge over the Missouri River on NB I-680.

NB I-680 at the Missouri River.

NB I-680 crossing the Missouri River.

15 July 2008