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Interstate 195

Interstate 195 is an east-west highway in Central New Jersey. It runs from the Garden State Parkway, near Glendola, to Interstate 295, east of Trenton. This is planned to be extened into Pennsylvania, along what is now I-95/295 on the northerm bypass of Trenton.

While in New Jersey, I-195 is not multi-plexed.

In New Jersey, Interstate 195 intersects the following highway.

Interstate 95, (New Jersey Turnpike) near Allentown.
Interstate 295, near Whore Horse.

WB I-195 two miles from I-295.

WB I-195 one mile from I-295.

WB I-195 a half mile from I-295.

WB I-195 at I-295.

Info on the parent of I-195 in New Jersey.

A BGS on SB I-95/NJT.

A BGS on a ramp from I-95/NJT.

A guide marker on WB I-195.

WB I-195 west of I-95/NJT.

WB I-195 west of U.S. Rt. 130.

The western end marker.

The western end of I-195.

4 December 2012