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Interstate 76

Interstate 76 runs briefly in Southwestern New Jersey. It runs from the Walt Whitman Bridge, at Philadelphia to Interstate 295/New Jersey State Route 42, at Bellmawr.

While in New Jersey, I-76 is multi-plexed.

I-76 is multi-plexed with...

...Interstate 295, at Bellmawr.

In New Jersey, Interstate 76 intersects the following highway.
Interstate 676, at Camden.

WB I-76 at I-676.

WB I-76 under one mile from I-676.

WB I-76 a half mile from I-676.

WB I-76 at I-676.

Interstate 295, at Bellmawr.

EB I-76 at NB I-295.

WB I-76 near NB I-295.

WB I-76 at NB I-295.

Interstate 295, at Bellmawr.

Branches of I-76 in New Jersey.

A BGS on WB I-76.

A BGS near Bellmawr.

WB I-76 near U.S. Rt. 130.

WB I-76 at U.S. Rt. 130.

A BGS on SB U.S. Rt. 130.

A BGS in Camden.

WB I-76 near the Walt Whitman Bridge.

WB I-76 at the Walt Whitman Bridge.

11 January 2020