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Interstate 295

Interstate 295 is a north-south interstate spur in the New York City Metro Area. It runs from Interstate 95/278/678, south across the Throgs Neck Bridge, into Queens County. The southern end is with New York State Route 24/25, near Cunningham Park, in Queens.

While in New York, I-295 is not multi-plexed.

In New York, Interstate 295 crosses the following interstates.

Interstate 95, at The Bronx.
Interstate 278, at The Bronx.
Interstate 678, at The Bronx.
Interstate 695, at The Bronx.
Interstate 495, in Queens.

SB I-295 one mile from I-495.

SB I-295 a half mile from I-495.

SB I-295 near I-495.

SB I-295 at I-495.

Info on the parent highway of I-295 in New York.

A BGS on SB I-95.

A guide marker on SB I-695.

SB I-295 near the toll plaza for the Throgs Neck Bridge.

SB I-295 at the toll plaza.

A welcome sign on the plaza.

SB I-295 crossing the Throng Neck Bridge.

SB I-295 on the Queens side of th Throng Neck Bridge.

SB I-295 south of the Cross Island Expressway.

SB I-295 near Bayside Fields.

18 November 2012