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Interstate 40

Interstate 40 is a east-west highway across North Carolina. This runs from the Tennessee/North Carolina State Line, near Mount Sterling, to Wilmington.

While in North Carolina, I-40 is multi-plexed...

I-40 is multi-plexed with...

...U.S. Rt. 74, from near Clyde to Asheville.
...U.S. Rt. 74A, at Asheville.
...U.S. Rt. 70, from near Ridgecrest, to near Old Fort.
...U.S. Rt. 311, at Winston-Salem.
...U.S. Rt. 421, from Winston-Salem to Greensboro.
...Interstate 85, from Greensboro to Durham.
...U.S. Rt. 29, at Greensboro.
...U.S. Rt. 70, at Greensboro.
...U.S. Rt. 220, at Greensboro.
...Interstate 440, at Raleigh.
...U.S. Rt. 64, at Raleigh.
...North Carolina State Route 24, from near Turkey, to near Magnolia.

Interstate 40 crosses the following interstates in North Carolina.

Interstate 26, at Asheville.

A BGS on WB I-40. Photo Courtesy: Paul Dienhart
Interstate 240, at Asheville.
Interstate 240, at Asheville.
Interstate 77, at Statesville.
Future Interstate 74, at Winston-Salem.
Future Interstate 285, at Winston-Salem.
Future Interstate 840, near Greensboro.
Interstate 85, at Greensboro.
Future Interstate 840, at Greensboro.
Interstate 85, near Hillsborough.
Interstate 540, near Durham.
Interstate 440, at Raleigh.
Interstate 440, at Raleigh.
Interstate 95, near Benson.
Future Interstate 140, near New Hanover.

Branches of I-40 in North Carolina.

EB I-40 at the North Carolina Welcome Sign.

WB I-40 near Harmon Den WMA.

WB I-40 near Fines Creek.

A guide marker on NC St Rt 16. Photo Courtesy: Paul Dienhart

3 April 2018