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Interstate 470

Interstate 470 is a seven mile interstate near Bridgeport. This runs just south of Interstate 70. It provides a second interstate crossing over the Ohio River at Bridgeport, OH-Wheeling, WV.

While in Ohio, I-470 is not multi-plexed.

In Ohio, Interstate 470 crosses the following interstate.

Interstate 70, near St. Clairsville.

Info on the parent route for I-470.

EB I-470 just past the split from EB I-70.

EB I-470 east of I-70.

WB I-470 near Banfield Road.

EB I-470 near Neffs.

WB I-470 west of County Road 214.

A guide marker on WB I-470.

WB I-470 at County Road 214.

EB I-470 at Bridgeport.

EB I-470 near M.P. 6.

WB I-470 west of OH St Rt 7.

EB I-470 at OH St Rt 7. NOTE: The middle BGS is for a West Virginia exit. Plus, the OH St Rt 7 BGS has no exit tab.

EB I-470 near the Ohio River.

EB I-470 at the Ohio River.

A BGS on NB OH St Rt 7.

A BGS on NB OH St Rt 7.

A BGS on the ramp from OH St Rt 7.

29 March 2020