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Interstate 75

Interstate 75 is the main north-south highway in the western portion of the State of Ohio. This connects Cincinnati, Dayton, and Toledo together.

While in Ohio, I-75 is multi-plexed.

I -75 is multi-plexed with...

...Interstate 71, briefly at the Ohio River in Cincinnati.
...U.S. Rt. 23, at Perrysburg.

In Ohio, Interstate 75 crosses the following interstates.

Interstate 71, at Cincinnati.

NB I-71/75 on the Ohio River Bridge.

NB I-71/75 at their split in Cincinnati.
Interstate 74, at Cincinnati.
Interstate 275, at Cincinnati.
Interstate 675, at Dayton.

Two mile sign on NB I-75.

One mile sign on NB I-75.

NB I-75 where the road widens out for I- 675.

NB I-75 at I- 675.

Interstate 70, at Dayton.

NB I-75 near I-70.

NB I-75 near I-70.
Interstate 475, at Perryburg.

SB I-75 near I-475.

SB I-75 at I-475.

Interstate 80, (Ohio Turnpike) at Toledo.
Interstate 90, (Ohio Turnpike) at Toldeo.

NB I-75 near I- 80/90.

A BGS on NB I-75 near I- 80/90.

Interstate 475, at Toledo.

BGS on NB I-75.

NB I-75 at I-475.

NB I-75 two miles from I-475.

NB I-75 one mile from I-475.

NB I-75 near I-475.

NB I-75 before I-475.

NB I-75 at I-475.

Interstate 280, at Toledo.

NB I-75 near I -280.

NB I-75 at I-280.

SB I-75 at I-280.

NB I-75 one mile from I-280. (August, 2012)

NB I-75 near I-280. (August, 2012)

NB I-75 at I-280. (August, 2012)

Branches of I-75 in Ohio.

NB I-75 near Middletown.

NB I-75 near Dayton.

NB I-75 in Dayton.

NB I-75 in Dayton, north of OH St Rt 4.

NB I-71 at I-75.
Photo from: Paul Dienhart

A BGS on WB I-80/90/OH Turn.

A BGS on a ramp from I-80/90/OH Turn.

NB I-75 north of I-80/90/OH Turn.

NB I-75 at Wales Road, near Rossford.

NB I-75 at the Lucas/Wood County Line.

SB I-75 near South Ave.

NB I-75 near OH St Rt 25.

A guide marker in Downtown Toledo.

A BGS in Downtown Toledo.

SB I-75 near Washington in Toledo.

NB I-75 near Bancroft Street.

NB I-75 in Toledo.

A guide sign on SB U.S. Rt. 24 in Toledo.

A guide marker in Toledo on Jeep Parkway.

NB I-75, south of OH St Rt 184.

SB I-75 at the Ohio/Michigan State Line.

16 August 2015