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Interstate 155

Interstate 155 is a expressway in Northwestern Tennessee. This highway has the only Mississippi River crossing between Missouri and Tennessee. Plus, its the only crossing between Memphis, TN and Cario, IL. This highway also connects Interstate 55 to the Julian M. Carroll Purchase Parkway, via the U.S. Rt. 51 expressway. In the State of Tennessee, I-155 does not connect with it's parent route, Interstate 55. This is simlar to Interstate 471, at Covington, KY.

While in Tennessee, I-155 is multi-plexed.

I-155 is multi-plexed with...

...U.S. Rt. 412, from the Missouri/Tennessee State Line to near Dyersburg.

Interstate 155 does not intersect with any other interstates in Tennessee.

The western end marker.

A set of junction markers in Dyersburg.

Guide markers on NB TN St Rt 181.

BGS on NB TN St Rt 181.

Tennessee Welcome Sign on EB I-155.

A look at the brige on I-155 over the Mississippi River. Photo taken from the on ramp from TN St Rt 181.

WB I-155 at the Mississippi River.

WB I-155 crossing the Mississippi River.

9 October 2009