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Interstate 24

Interstate 24 runs in a slight angle, north-south across Tennesse. I-24 also enters Tennessee twice. Tennessee is also the southern-eastern most end of I-24.

While in Tennessee I-24 is multi-plexed several times.

I-24 is multi-plexed with...

...Interstate 65, for about 3 miles at Nashville
...Interstate 40, for about 3 miles southeast of downtown Nashville

...Tennessee State Route 27, from near Jasper to near South Pittsburg.
...U.S. Rt. 27, at Downtown Chatannooga.

Interstates that I-24 cross in Tennessee.
Interstate 65, at Nashville

EB I-24 near I-65 on the northside of Nashville.

EB I-24 at I-65 on the northside of I-24.

Interstate 65, at Nashville.

EB I-24 near I-65.

BGS for the I-24/65 split.

EB I-24 at the split with I-65.
Interstate 40, at Nashville.

EB I-24 near I-40 at Downtown Nashville.

Overhead signs on EB I-24.

EB I-24 at I-40.
Interstate 40, at Nashville
WB I-24

WB I-24 at the I-440/40 interchanges on the eastside of Nashville.
EB I-24

EB I-24/40 near the I-40 split.

EB I-24/40 close to the I-40 split.

BGS for the split of I-24 and I-40.

EB I-24/40 at the gore point.

Interstate 440, (Four Fourty Parkway) at Nashville

WB I-24 at I-440.

Interstate 75, at Chattanooga

First guide sign on EB I-24 near I-75.

EB I-24 near I-75.

EB I-24 at I-75.

Branches of I-24

Looking south along I-24 at the Kentucky/Tennessee State Line near Clarksville, TN. The Tennessee Welcome Center is ahead on the left.
Photo from: Eric Richeke.

A welcome sign at the SB I-24 Welcome Center.
Photo form: Paul Dienhart.

EB I-24 near TN St Rt 76 at Clarksville.

EB I-24 near U.S. Rt. 431 in Northern Davidson County.

EB I-24 near TN Sec St Rt 45 north of Nashville.

EB I-24 near TN St Rt 155 (Briley Parkway).

EB I-24/SB I-65 north of Downtown Nashville.

EB I-24 at the fly over ramp at the interchange near downtown Nashville.

WB I-24/40 near Downtown Nashville.

Mile marker on EB I-24.

EB I-24 southeast of Nashville

WB I-24 near Smyrna.

First sign for the HOV lanes on WB I-24 at Nashville.

Overhead sign for the HOV lane on WB I-24 at Nashville.

Junction sign on SB TN St Rt 96 in Murfreeboro.

EB I-24, east of U.S. Rt. 72.

EB I-24 near the New Hope Area.

EB I-24 near the Nickajack Lake.

EB I-24 near Whiteside.

A guide marker on EB I-24.

I-24 dips into Georgia for about 4 miles and intersects I-59. This sign is located near the state line on EB I-24.

EB I-24 entering back into Tennessee from Georgia.

EB I-24 near U.S. Rt. 27. This is the on again, off again, I-124, at Chattanooga.

Mile marker at Downtown Chattanooga.

EB I-24 at Downtown Chattanooga.

A set of guide markers on Moore Road in Chattagnooga.

EB I-24 near M.P. 183 in Chattanooga.

A mileage marker on WB I-24 just west of I-75. Note: the indcation for I-59.

BGS on SB I-75.

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