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Interstate 75

Intersate 75 is the north-south highway in the eastern portion of Tennessee. This is the main link between the Knoxville Metro and Greater-Chattanooga.

While in Tennessee, I-75 is multi-plexed several times.

I-75 is multi-plexed with...

...Tennessee State Route 63, near Caryville.

...U.S. Rt. 25W, from Caryville to near Lake City.

...Interstate 640, at Knoxville.

...Interstate 40, from Knoxville to near Farragut.

...U.S. Rt 74, from Cleveland to Chattanooga.
...U.S. Rt. 11, at Chattanooga.
...U.S. Rt. 64, at Chattanooga.
...Tennessee State Route 2, at Chattanooga.

Interstate 75 crosses the following interstates in Tennessee.

Interstate 640, at Knoxville.
Interstate 275, at Knoxville.

NB I-75/EB I-640 near the interchage with I-275 at Knoxville.

BGS's for I-75/275 on EB I-640/NB I-75.

NB I-75/EB I-640 at the interchage.

NB I-75 on the ramp from EB I-640. NB I-75 splits left and SB I-275 splits right.

SB I-75 one mile from I-275/640. (October, 2017)

SB I-75 near I-275/640. (October, 2017)

SB I-75 at I-275/640. (October, 2017)
Interstate 40, at Knoxville.
Interstate 640, at Knoxville.

EB I-40/NB I-75 near the interchage with I-640.

Overhead signs for the interchage.

EB I-40/NB I-75 less than a mile from the interchange with I-640.

NB I-75 at the gore point with EB I-40.
Interstate 140, near Farragut.
Interstate 24, at Chattanooga.

BGS on SB I-75.

SB I-75 north of the interchange with I-24.

BGS over SB I-75.

SB I-75 at I-24.

Brnaches of I-75.

SB I-75 near the Georgia/Tennessee State Line.

BGS on SB I-75 at I-24.

BGS on EB I-24 at Chattanooga.

NB I-75 north of the I-24 interchange at Chattanooga.

NB I-75 near TN St Rt 153 at Chattanooga.

NB I-75 mile marker.

NB I-75 at Chattanooga.

NB I-75 marker.

NB I-75 near M.P. 10.

BGS for NB I-75 on U.S. Rt. 11/64.

BGS for SB I-75 on U.S. Rt. 11/64.

Mileage sign on NB I-75 north of Chattanooga.

NB I-75 near the Hamilton/Bradley County Line.

EB I-40/NB I-75 on the westside of Knoxville.

EB I-640/NB I-75 north of the interchage with I-40 on the westside of Knoxville.

A set of guide markers in Downtown Knoxville.

SB I-75 at TN St Rt 131.

SB I-75 south of Rocky Top.

SB I-75/U.S. Rt. 25W, near Old Mill.

SB I-75/U.S. Rt. 25W, near Caryville.

NB I-75/U.S. Rt. 25W south of Caryville.

A guide marker near Caryville.

SB I-75 south of Jellico.

SB I-75 at Jellico.

SB I-75 at the Tennessee Welcome sign.

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