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Interstate 81

Interstate 81 runs east-west for aproximatly 75 miles in Eastern Tennessee. This is actually suppose to be a north-south highway, but in Tennessee it is a east-west route. This connects Music City and Knoxville to the Atlantic coast, via Interstate 64 in Virginia.

While in Tennessee, I-81 is not multi-plexed.

Interstate 81 crosses the following interstates in Tennessee.

Interstate 40, near Danridge.

EB I-40 at I-81.

Former Interstate 181, near Kingsport.

First BGS for I-181 on NB I-81.

NB I-81 near another overhead sign for I-181.

Close-up of the overhead signs from the picture above.

A first view of the I-181 interchange.

NB I-81 at the gore-point with I-181.
Interstate 26, near Kingsport.

Branches of I-81 in Tennessee.

A BGS on EB I-40.

NB I-81 east of the interchange with I-40.

NB I-81 at TN St Rt 341.

NB I-81 near White Pine.

NB I-81 at the Jefferson/Hamlin County Line.

A BGS on NB U.S. Rt. 25E; TN St Rt 32/113.

A guide marker on SB U.S. Rt. 25E/TN St Rt 32.

A guide marker on SB U.S. Rt. 25E/TN St Rt 32.

NB I-81 in Western Greene County.

NB I-81 at TN St Rt 70.

NB I-81 in Western Sullivan County.

BGS on NB I-26.

NB I-81 near Kingsport.

NB I-81 near the Tennessee/Virginia State Line.

16 January 2023