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U.S. Federal Route 11
Wythe County

U.S. Federal Route 11 is a east-west highway across Central Wythe County. In the western portionof the county, this highway is a surface highway. East of Wytheville, this highway joins the Interstate 81 expressway.

U.S. Rt. 11 passes through the following town in Wythe County.

U.S. Rt. 11 is multi-plexed in Wythe County.
Interstate 77, from Wytheville to near Fort Chiswell.
Interstate 81, from Wytheville to the Wythe/Pulaski County Line.
U.S. Rt. 52, from Wytheville to near Fort Chiswell.

U.S. Rt. 11 crosses the following highways in Wythe County.
Virginia State Route 90, near Rural Retreat.
Virginia Secondary State Route 749, near Rural Retreat.
U.S. Rt. 21, at Wytheville.
Virginia Secondary State Route 610, at Wytheville.
Interstate 77, at Wytheville.
Interstate 81, at Wytheville.
U.S. Rt. 52, at Wytheville.
U.S. Rt. 52, near Fort Chiswell.
Virginia State Route 121, near Fort Chiswell.
Interstate 77, near Fort Chiswell.

BGS's on NB I-81.

18 July 2009