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Interstate 295

Interstate 295 runs north-south in the southern part of the district. It goes from the Maryland State Line, near the district's Bellevue area. This is also known as the Anacostia Freeway. I-295 passes the Bolling Air Force Base, and Anacostia Naval Station. The northern end point as at the 11th Street Bridges. Here is junctions with Interstate 695 and District of Columbia Route 295.

In Washington D.C., I-295 is not multi-plexed.

Interstate 295 crosses the following interstate in Washington D.C.

Interstate 695, at Anacostia.

NB I-295 near I-695.

NB I-295 at I-695.

Info on the parent highway of I-295 in Washington D.C.

NB I-295 north of the Washington D.C./Maryland Line.

A NB guide marker.

NB I-295 near Capital Street.

A guide marker on Washington Ave SW.

A BGS on SB I-395.

A LGS on EB U.S. Rt. 50/1A.

27 December 2012