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Interstate 95

Interstate 95 briefly passes within the Washington D.C. boundaries while crossing the Potomac River on the Woodrow Wilson Bridge. When the interstate system was planned, I-95 was to follow I-395 north through Northern Virginia into Washington D.C. This was going to follow New York Ave NW and New York Ave NE and continues on the failed North Central Freeway. Then it was to connect with the North East Freeway back into Maryland.

In Washington D.C., I-95 is multi-plexed.

I-95 is multi-plexed with...

...Interstate 495, within Washington D.C.

Interstate 95 does not cross any interstates in Washington D.C.

Branches of I-95 in Washington D.C.

SB I-95/495 aprox. at the portion of the Woodrow Wilson Bridge that enters Washington D.C.

A guide marker on NB DC Rt 295.

20 December 2012