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Sign Mistakes of Wisconsin

The direction banner and guild arrow should be with a blue background. Sign on Ozaukee County Highway C. (October, 2004)
The detour route for U.S. Rt. 45 is marker as WI St Rt 45 in Southeastern Wisconsin. (October, 2004)
The county highway signs normally have black boarders. These look similar to a Illinois state highway shield. WB Waukesha ES at Waueksha XX. (October, 2004)
Another wrong county highway shield. This is on EB Waukesha ES at Waukesha NN. (October, 2004)
A WI St Rt 83 shield with the "WIS" on it. This on WB Waukesha ES in Mukwonago. (October, 2004>
NOTE: The wrong Hwy. 11 shield on WI St Rt 11 in Burlington. (October, 2004)
Yet another wrong WI St Rt 11 shield in Burlington. (October, 2004)
Not in Iowa or Kentucky, but Burlington, WI. NOTE: The wrong state highway shield. (October, 2004)
A BGS for the first exit in Minnesota on I-90. The BGS is in Wisconsin, near La Crosse. Here the error is the highway 61 shield. It should be a "U.S. Hwy." shield, not a "WI Hwy" shield. (June, 2005)
A set of guide markers on U.S. 45 west of Kenosha, at WI St Rt 142. These should be U.S. Rt. 45 markers. Photos from Camps. (2007)
A set of guide markers on the ramp from NB I-43 at Manitowoc. The WI St Rt 42 shield should be a BUSN WI St Rt 42 shield. (August, 2021)
A guide marker on NB U.S. Rt. 45 in Oshkosh. The blue direction sign should be a white background with black writting. (September, 2022)

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