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Day ONE...
Sunday, July 31st, 2005

This trip started just before day break in Rustic Saratoga Township. Just over a hour was under our belt when it was time to fill up in Bloomington. Why do it here and not at the start? It's two fold...A:) the motor-fuel is less here, and 2:) This gives us the chance to get the Journal-Star (Peoria, IL) and the Sunday Post-Dispatch (St. Louis, MO). After the fill up, papers, drink, and dognuts, it was on south, via U.S. 51. Nothing spells out the great start to a day by standing in the middle of Downtown Decatur, IL at 7 a.m.

The Macon County Courthouse.
The Decatur Area is one know for many hauntings. Many buildings in the town have reported the hauntings, places have a buried river, and much of the town sits on a old cemetery. The goal for the night is the St. Louis Metro, so it was on south along U.S. 51.

A Macon County Sheriff hard at work.

Much of U.S. Rt. 51 south of Macon County is two-lanes. It takes you through the vast Illinois countryside, small towns, and a prison. This leads use to the second site for the Illinois state capital. The second capital building doesnt exist anymore, but the third one does. This was build by the City of Vandalia in a effort to keep the city as the state capital. The capital was moved to Springfield a couple years after the thrid building was built at Vandalia.

A replica of the Gateway Arch in Vandalia. (It's not as tall...FYI...)

A bad picture of the plaque out front of the capital building.

The third capital building at Vandalia.

After a thrilling 20 minutes in Vandalia it was on south to Du Quoin. This brought us past the huge Du Quoin State Fairgrounds and to a great lunch that only Du Quoin (and many other towns can do)...a Sonic. Once the carhop brought the food it was on to the St. Louis Metro for a relaxing evening.

Day TWO...