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Day TWO...
Monday, August 1st, 2005

As most days go with EA...they are long. This started out from Lenzburg, IL on the eastside of the St. Louis Metro and ran to the Chesterfield, MO area of the metro.

The Gateway Arch at St. Louis, as seen from the Poplar Street Bridge (I-55/64/70)

Now to Missouri...State Number 2!...

Once into St. Louis we pasted the construction of the New Busch Stadium.

A look at the new and old stadiums.

See how close the new stadium is to the interstate...

The first stop for the day is the Butterfly House in Faust Park. This is one of the fine parks of the St. Louis County Park District.

The sign at the street.
This is a educational facility and habitat for butterflies. It has a indoor almost tropical habitat and a outdoor gardern for the butterflies.

The walkway up to the house.

A big stone butterfly.

A big stone caterpillar.

A Red Knee tarantula. (I don't think this is or ever will become a butterfly...)

The buda is a very important part of the life of a butterfly...(This could be why I am not a tour guide here...)

The outdoor garden.

A butterfly.

Another butterfly...shocking to see two at the butterfly house...

This is where the butterflies turn into butterflies.
Now it was time for lunch. So we headed back to the Metro-East for our dining pleasures.

Back to State 1!!

The hunger and need for food took us to Fairview Heights, IL. Here we had great dinning and then some shopping. By the late afternoon it was time to head to Busch for a Cards game. To get there we took advantage of the St. Louis Area's light rail system, Metrolink.

Back to State 2!!

At Busch we took a look at the new stadium being constructed just to the south of the current one. The current stadium will be demolished at the end of the 2005 baseball season.

Looking south along the future thrid base line at the home plate area.

This is looking southeast at the future right field area.

Looking down at the home plate area.

The faded sign says Busch Stadium April, '06.

Seats along the first base line are not all in yet.

Looking east toward the arch from our seats in Section 337

Looking at the score board from left field.
After the game it was back on the Metrolink and back to Illinois for a restful night before the next day.

Back to State 1!!...