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Day THREE...
Monday, August 2nd, 2005

At the strok of 8 a.m Central Time we we set to be on the road. So by 8:30 we were. The goal is Memphis, TN. So we headed south along the Illinois side of the Mississippi River to the first river crossing south of the St. Louis Metro. This was at Chester, IL. EA has been here to Chester before...

Somewhere in this dark picture is the Popeye statue at Chester that we have seen before.

Back to State 2!...

As we headed south on I-55 in Missouri we found that we can still get tattoos removed (for the phone number see "10-State, 4-Day, the Saga Continues). As we came up to Cape Giradeau Area is was brunch time. So we took BUSN Loop I-55 through Jackson to Cape Girardeau. For our sister site "The Bench" we needed to find the Cape Girardeau County Courthouse in Jackson...this was one of the easiest courthouse to find...we drove down the road came across a hill and saw...

The Jackson County Courthouse is somewhere in this picture...

For brunch we stopped at one of the cleanest Mc Donald's that I have ever been at. This one was visted in "10-Sates, 4-Days, The Saga Coninutes". It is at I-55 and Missouri Secondary State Route K in Cape Giradeau. After another hour or so of driving it was back off the highway in the business loop at New Madrid. This is still a old town that doesn't like improvement. The old Pizza Hut is still vacent, the town needs to buy a lawn mower, and come into the moderen age. There were some improvemnts made though...one was the Texaco station that didn't accept the Texaco card closed and the old Coke machine wwas replaced.

The new Coke machine...

Further south along I-55 we go. as stated before this is a empty area of Missouri. Just vast openness.

Now to Arkansas!...State #3!!

Just into Arkansas it was time to get a updated version of the Arkansas highway map. There were interesting bushes at the welcome center. Just across the state line was Blytheville. We exited I-55 at Arkansas State Route 18 and headed toward Jonesboro.

A wreck in Blytheville.

So you look at a map of Arkansas and you look at northeastern Arkansas. You see Jonesboro, college town probally attractions something to do...nope.

We did find the Craighead County Courthouse. (Craighead...I picture some guy in the 1800's with 8 toes and 4 fingers with a tooth).

The side trip to Jonesboro had alot to do with this for our sister site Roads of the Mid-South & West.
So it was time to head toward Memphis once again. We took Future I-555 back to I-55. There was a bit of a rumble in our tummys so we stopped ar Marion, AR. at a nice little KFC/Taco Bell for lunch. The only bad this is the stuipd exit ramps in Arkansas. Very tricky set-up. After dinner it was to Memphis.

Now to Tennessee!!...State #4!...
We hit Memphis right at rush-hour and sat in traffic on the south 240 loop as we tried to make our way to the eastside of town.

We did see a sign for graceland and some guy named Elves of Elvis...

Yet another wreck.
After settling in to our sleeping corridors, it was time to see what Memphis had to offer. So we took off to Mid-Town. Not alot there.

More police cars!

A big smashy in Mid-Town Memphis.
So nothing in Mid-Town...maybe something in Mississippi. So it was south on I-240 to I-55.

Now to Mississippi!...State #5!...

So we get to Mississippi, and drive and find...nothing...

Back to State #4!!

We head back to Tennessee and decide what about the Arkansas side...

Back to State #3!!

So in Arkansas in West Memphis we drive...and nothing...so back to Tennessee.

Downtown Memphis as seen from EB I-40.

Back to State #4!!

So Memphis is a big town...we got thinking and maybe it has a night-life. Where would that be...probally in downtown. You guessed it...thats where we are off to.

The Pyrimid at Memphis.

Interstate 40 crossing the Mississippi River at Memphis, at night.

A bar/resturant in Downtown Memphis...great Fried Cheesecake.

Inside Cayenne Moon.

Looking east along Beal Street. The forks move.

The star in the side walk for some Jerry guy.
After a long day it was time to head to bed and get ready for day four.