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Day FOUR...
Wednesday, August 3rd, 2005

This day was ment to collect as much pictures and field info for our sister sites "Roads of the Mid-South & West", "Le Centre", and "The Bench". So it was up at the crack of dawn and on the road. The first stop De Soto County, Mississippi.

Back to State #5!!

The De Soto County Courthouse was in Hernando. Here was also observed the construction of Interstate 22/69/269 in Mississippi. If Indiana would get moving on their portion of I-69 the highway would increase it's mileage five-fold.

The De Soto County Courthouse.

After leaving Hernando it was further south on I-55 to the Mississippi Welcome Center for a map...but remember this is shortly after the crack of dawn and there closed...So it was into Tate County and over to Tunica.

Another big cross...would it be a road trip without one??
Once to the Tunica area the chosen path lead use back north. Tunica is a area full of casinos. You drive along U.S. Rt. 61 and it is nothing but open fields and all of a sudden there are skyscrapers in the fields, with nothing around them.

A muffler man in a parking lot for a fireworks stand and strip-club on the Tennessee/Mississippi State Line.

Back to State #4!!

For our sister site we need the welcome signs on both bridges across the Mississippi River in both directions. So we headed north on I-55 to Arkansas.

Back to State #3!...

In West Memphis we already know there is nothing, but we do need I-40 crossing the Mississippi River into Arkansas and we need the Shelby County Courthouse in Downtown Memphis. So it's back across the river.

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Downtown Memphis is as busy at 9 a.m. as it is at 9 p.m. Some could be the same people. A busy crowd of tourist, shopper, and local people.

The I-40 bridge during the day.

The trolly that runs through Downtown Memphis.

Back to State #3!!

The next stop on the agenda was Forest City, Arkansas. So it is west on I-40. Once to Forest City...it was like Jonesboro...alot of nothing. From there it was south on Arkansas State Route 1 through the southeastern portions of the state. We were going to loop back into Mississippi. The first bridge across the Mississippi River is near Helena, AR.

U.S. Rt. 49B in Helena.

The Mississippi River Bridge on U.S. Rt. 49.

Back to State #5!...

The next city that was big was Clarksdale. So off we go. It was a bit rundown. This would be a good place to stir up a debate if it is good or bad to pull the numbered highways out of town and put them all on a by-pass.

A marker in Clarksdale.
Now it was time to head east across Northern Mississippi and see what it has to offer. Alot of forest...that was about it.

U.S. Rt. 278/MS St Rt 6 east of Oxford.

I wonder how high the heating bill is on that church?.
At Pontotoc we headed north toward New Albany to head back to the Memphis Area as the day started to wear on. Along the way we discovered where the majestic Ashely Furniture is made...or distributed.

Like I-555 this was a reason to come to this part of Mississippi.

To head back to Memphis we headed northwest along I-22.

Back to State #4!!

There were a few areas of Metro-Memphis still unexplored. So this gave the perfect time. Along the way we found little shops, run down malls, and a Super K Mart that way closing.

Not only can we celebrate food we can cash our paychecks!!

As the day ended it was time to turn in, because it is a long way back to Northern Illinois, from Memphis.

Day FIVE...