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Day ONE...
Thursday, July 23rd, 2014

This is another mid-summers getaway. It was a quick trip to the Show Me State to see the Cardinals play. This trip took us along Interstate 55. We were on and off the highway at various points. Alternating between I-55 and Historic U.S. Route 66. the one unique thing about U.S. 66 is the interesting sights you find along the route.

The hot dog man at Atlanta, IL.

A big Blizzard in Williamsville, IL.
After getting settled into our room for the night in Fairview Heights, it was onto the train to head into St. Louis to see one of the best teams in baseball.

Now to State #2...Missouri!

This evenings game was against the Tampa Bay Rays.

The match up for the night.

Our view for the night.

A giant donut.
With the Rays taking the game it was back to our room for the night.

Back to State #1...Illinois!