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Day TWO...
Saturday, September 27th, 2014

Day two was more eventful. We started out in the rural areas of Southwestern St. Clair County, Illinois. First stop for the day was a Waffle House...mmm waffles...

Now to State #2...Missouri!!

Just across the state line, we found a Waffle House. Taking up two tables for the clan, breakfast was served over syrup, butter, and ketchup...or was it catsup? Our main destination of the late morning was the Purina Farms of Gray Summit, Missouri. Once at Purina Farms, we were treated to a trick dog show, a real barn with animals to pet, a lovely coy fish, a hayrack ride, great views of the RV parking lot, and a simulation on how pet food is made.

A building on the Purina campus.

The welcome sign.

Various items made by Purina.

A dog jumping.

A dog on the trainers back.

A dog about ready to make a splash.

A dog on the trainers feet.

With most wore out it was time to head back to St. Clair County for the late afternoon.

Back to State #1!!...Illinois!!

After some pleasantries with family it was off to the hotel for the night of relaxation and what the pictures on TV looked like, "fine dinning", but instead was some cheese melted into the cardboard box.

An oversized banjo in New Athens, IL.

The "fine dinning".