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Robert Kingery Expressway

The Robert Kingery Expressway is a east-west highway running from the Bishop Louis Henry Ford Freeway and the Tri-State Tollway to the Illinois/Indiana State Line. It carries the shields of Interstate 80, Interstate 94, and U.S. Rt. 6. The Illinois state highway map places the Kingery Expressway at four (4) miles long. This highway is hardly labeled at the Kingery Expressway. In Chicago, the radio and television traffic reports only refer to it as "80/94".

This expressway was named after the former director of Illinois' public works department.

The Kingery Expressway passes through the following towns in Illinois.
South Holland

The Kingery Expressway is controlled by the Illinois Department of Tranportation.

The Kingery Expressway crossed the following interstates in Illinois.
Interstate 80, (Tri-State Tollway) at South Holland.
Interstate 94, (Bishop Louis Henry Ford Freeway) at South Holland.
Interstate 294, (Tri-State Tollway) at South Holland.

WB Kingery at the Ford Freeway/Tri-State Tollway.

A construction warning sign on EB I-80 near Mokena.

WB Kingery at the Illinois/Indiana State Line.

3 January 2011