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Frank Strieby Expressway

The Frank Strieby Expressway is a north-south highway in Western Illinois. It is 18.89 miles long near Quincy. This was once known as the Quincy By-Pass.

The highway is named after Frank Strieby. He was the former chairman of the Quincy Highway Committe, who was actively involved in bringin modern highways to the Quincy Area. Mr. Strieby was a vital role in the construction of the Quincy By-Pass. He saw this as something that will force the completion of the Central Illinois Expressway and the Quincy-Macomb-Peoria freeway.

Frank Strieby died on May 1, 1981, two weeks later Transportation Secretary Kramer renamed the Quincy By-Pass the Frank Strieby Expressway.

The Strieby Expressway runs from the Central Illinois Expressway (Interstate 72/U.S. Rt. 36) to U.S. Rt. 24/Illinois State Route 336, north of Quincy.

The Strieby Expressway passes through the following town in Illinois.

The Strieby Expressway is controlled by the Illinois Department of Tranportation.

The Strieby Expressway crossed the following interstates in Illinois.
Interstate 72, near Seehorn.

A marker on NB Strieby.

NB Strieby north of the interchange with I-72.

NB Strieby north of IL St Rt 57.

NB Strieby north of IL St Rt 57.

NB Strieby near Marbelhead.

NB Strieby on NB IL St Rt 96.

A junction maker on WB IL St Rt 104.

A junction marker on EB IL St Rt 104.

NB Strieby northeast of Quincy.

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