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Illinois State Route 130
Coles County

Illinois State Route 130 runs in the easter portion of the county. It is one of two north-south surface highways in Coles County. This is one of the main highways in the Greater-Charleston Area.

IL St Rt 130 passes through the following town in Coles County.

IL St Rt 130 is not multi-plexed in Coles County.

IL St Rt 130 intersects the following highway in Coles County.

Illinois State Route 16, at Charleston.

SB IL St Rt 130 at the Coles/Douglas County Line.

SB IL St Rt 130 near Fairgrange.

SB IL St Rt 130 north of Charleston.

A guide marker in Charleston.

A junction marker on WB IL St Rt 16.

4 December 2017