Frank Borman Expressway, Indiana
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Frank Borman Expressway

The Frank Borman Expressway runs east-west across Northwest Indiana. It spans from the Illinois/Indiana State Line to the junction of Interstate 80/90/94; U.S. Rt. 6; Indiana State Route 51 near Lake Station.

The Borman Expressway passes throught the following towns.
Lake Station

The Borman Expressway crosses the following interstates in Indiana.

Interstate 65, at Gary.

A BGS on EB Borman.
Interstate 80, at Portage.
Interstate 90, at Portage.
Interstate 94, at Portage.

BGS on EB Borman.

BGS on EB Borman.

WB Borman at I-80/90/94.

Interstates on the Borman Expressway
Interstate 80, the entire length.
Interstate 94, the entire length.

EB I-80/94 U.S. Rt. 6 near IN St Rt 152 (Indianapolis Blvd.).

Heavy traffic on EB I-80/94 U.S. Rt. 6 at IN St Rt 912 (Cline Ave.), near Highland.

Another day of heavy traffic on EB I-80/94 at IN St Rt 912.

23 January 2011