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John James
Audubon Parkway

The John James Audubon Parkway runs from Henderson to Owensboro. It opened as a toll road in 1970, and had it's tolls removed in 2006.

The Tolls on this parkway are scheduled to be removed by 2007. The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet hasn't determined the actual date that tolls will be removed. When the final payment on the bonds that were issued for the parkways is paid will be when the tolls go away. Kentucky borrowed $425 million in bonds to build the parkways in the 1960s and early 1970s. Currently, the toll is 50 cents each way on the Audubon Parkway. The Greater Owensboro Chamber of Commerce hopes that the Audubon and William H. Natcher parkways will be upgraded to interstate standards. Then when that happens that the Natcher Parkway will become part of I-66 and then I-166 from the Wendell H. Ford Western Kentucky Parkway to Owensboro. Hopes are that the Audubon Parkway will become I-169 along it entire length.*

It is suggested now that the parkway becomes "Interstate 369". This is due to Interstate 169 being designated along the Pennyrile Parkway from near Nortonville to near Hopkinsville.

BGS on SB Pennyrile.

Like interstates, the exits are numbered. The entire has not route number marked on it.

The Audubon Parkway does not cross any interstates.

The Audubon Parkway crosses the following parkway.

Edward T. Breathitt Pennyrile Parkway, at Henderson.

A BGS for the Pennyrile two miles away on WB Audubon.

WB Audubon one mile from the Pennyrile.

WB Audubon at the Pennyrile.

SB Pennyrile at the Audubon. (2003)

A guide marker on WB KY St Rt 351.

A guide marker on WB KY St Rt 351.

A BGS on NB I-69/Pennyrile.

A BGS on NB I-69/Pennyrile.

A BGS on NB Pennyrile/U.S. Rt. 41.

A BGS on NB Pennyrile/U.S. Rt. 41.

A guide marker on EB Audubon.

EB Audubon east of Pennyrile/U.S. Rt. 41.

EB Audubon east of KY St Rt 812.

EB Audubon west of KY Sec St Rt 1078.

WB Audubon west of KY Sec St Rt 1078.

A guide marker on NB KY Sec St Rt 1078.

* "Last 2 Kentucky toll parkways set to be freed up" December 2005 Owensboro Messenger-Inquirer

1 February 2019