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Kentucky State Route 339
Mc Cracken County

Kentucky State Route 339 is a north-south highway in Southwestern Mc Cracken County. It runs from U.S. Rt. 45, near Massac, to the Grave/Mc Cracken County Line, near Melber.

KY St Rt 339 passes through the following town in Mc Cracken County.

KY St Rt 339 is not multi-plexed in Mc Cracken County.

KY St Rt 339 intersects the following highways in Mc Cracken County.

U.S. Rt. 45, at Massac.
Kentucky State Route 999, at Massac.
Kentucky Secondary State Route 1438, near Massac.
Kentucky State Route 786, near Melber.
Kentucky Secondary State Route 1820, at Melber.

A junction marker on SB U.S. Rt. 45.

A guide marker on SB U.S> Rt. 45.

19 December 2018