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Interstate 478

Interstate 478 is an unsigned interstate in the State of New York. It runs through the Hugh L Carey Tunnel, formally the Brookly-Battery Tunnel. The entire length is about three and a half miles. I-478 is the tunnel and roads leading to and from it. It goes from I-278 to New York State Route 9A.

While in New York, I-478 is not multi-plexed.

In New York, Interstate 478 crosses the following interstate.

Interstate 278, at Brooklyn.

Info on the parent highway of I-278 in New York.

EB I-478 east of I-278.

Lane markers for the H.L. Carey Tunnel Toll Plaza.

The toll plaza for the tunnel.

The Brooklyn portal for the tunnel.

EB I-478 in the tunnel.

One of the vent shafts for the tunnel.

EB I-478 in Manhattan.

18 November 2012