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Interstate 480

Interstate 480 runs traffic from Interstate 80/Ohio Turnpike into the Cleveland Metro Area. This highway runs from the Streetsboro Area to near North Ridgeville.

While in Ohio, I-480 is multi-plexed.

I-480 is multi-plexed with...

Interstate 271, from near Oakwood to near Bedford Heights.

In Ohio Interstate 480 crosses the following interstates in Ohio.

Interstate 80 (Ohio Turnpike), near Streetsboro.

WB I-480 over one mile from I-80.

WB I-480 under one mile from I-80.

WB I-480 near I-80.

WB I-480 at I-80.

Interstate 271, near Oakwood.
Interstate 271, near Bedford Heights.
Interstate 77, near Valley View.

EB I-480 three miles from I-77.

EB I-480 two miles form I-77.

EB I-480 one mile from I-77.

EB I-480 near I-77.

EB I-480 at I-77.

Interstate 71, near Brook Park.

A BGS on along EB I-480.

EB I-480 about two miles from EB I-71.

EB I-480 near I-71.

EB I-480 at I-71.

Interstate 80 (Ohio Turnpike), near North Ridgeville.

Info on the parent route of I-480.

A warning sign for the toll plaza on I-480.

A toll plaza on a ramp from the Ohio Turnpike.

A BGS on WB OH St Rt 10.

A BGS on WB OH St Rt 10.

EB I-480 north of OH St Rt 10.

EB I-480 at Sterns Road.

WB I-480 west of OH St Rt 252.

WB I-480 at Butternut Ridge Road.

A junction marker on SB OH St Rt 252.

A BGS on SB OH St Rt 252.

A guide marker on EB I-480.

EB I-480 east of I-71.

A BGS in Parma.

A BGS in Parma.

EB I-480 at Brooklyn Heights.

EB I-480 at I-7.

WB I-80 a 1/2 mile from I-480.

NB I-71 at I-480.
Photo from: Paul Dienhart

A BGS on EB I-80/OH Turn.

6 October 2019