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Interstate 480

Interstate 480 runs traffic from Interstate 80/Ohio Turnpike into the Cleveland Metro Area. This highway runs from the Streetsboro Area to near North Ridgeville.

While in Ohio, I-480 is multi-plexed.

I-480 is multi-plexed with...

Interstate 271, from near Oakwood to near Bedford Heights.

In Ohio Interstate 480 crosses the following interstates in Ohio.

Interstate 80 (Ohio Turnpike), near Streetsboro.
Interstate 271, near Oakwood.
Interstate 271, near Bedford Heights.
Interstate 77, near Valley View.

EB I-480 three miles from I-77.

EB I-480 two miles form I-77.

EB I-480 one mile from I-77.

EB I-480 near I-77.

EB I-480 at I-77.

Interstate 71, near Brook Park.

A BGS on along EB I-480.

EB I-480 about two miles from EB I-71.

EB I-480 near I-71.

EB I-480 at I-71.

Interstate 80 (Ohio Turnpike), near North Ridgeville.

Info on the parent route of I-480.

A warning sign for the toll plaza on I-480.

A toll plaza on a ramp from the Ohio Turnpike.

EB I-480 north of OH St Rt 10.

A guide marker on EB I-480.

EB I-480 east of I-71.

A BGS in Parma.

A BGS in Parma.

EB I-480 at Brooklyn Heights.

EB I-480 at I-7.

WB I-80 a 1/2 mile from I-480.

NB I-71 at I-480.
Photo from: Paul Dienhart
16 August 2015