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Interstate 271

Interstate 271 runs along the south and east side of the Cleveland Metro Area. It starts at M.P. 220 on Interstate 71 and runs to Interstate 90, near Willoughby Hills. This highways has one of the only multi-plexed of two three digit interstates in the country.

In Ohio, I-271 is multi-plexed.

I-271 is multi-plexed with...

Interstate 480, from near Oakwood to near Bedford Heights.

While in Ohio, Interstate 271 crosses the following interstates.

Interstate 71, near Medina.
Interstate 77, near Richfield.
Interstate 80 (Ohio Turnpike), near Peninsula. (NO Direct Interchange)
Interstate 480, near Oakwood.
Interstate 480, near Bedford Heights.
Interstate 90, near willoughby Hills.

Info on the parent route of I-271.

NB I-71 at I-271.
Photo from: Paul Dienhart

NB I-71 at I-271.
Photo from: Paul Dienhart

A BGS on WB I-80/OH Turn.

A BGS on EB I-90.

16 August 2015