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Interstate 283

Interstate 283 is a north-south interstate in South-Central Pennsylvania. It runs just under three miles long in the Harrisburg Metro Area. It provides a connection from Harrisburg to Interstate 76/Pennsylvania Turnpike on the eastside of the Susquehanna River. This highway also continues as Pennsylvania State Route 283 south of Interstate 76/Pennsylvania Turnpike, and makes a connection between Harrisburg and Lancaster.

While in Pennsylvania, I-283 is not multi-plexed.

In Pennsylvania, Interstate 283 crosses the following interstates.

Interstate 83, at Harrisburg.
Interstate 76, (Pennsylvania Turnpike) at Highspire.

A BGS for I-76 two miles away on SB I-283. (July, 2019)

SB I-283 before I-76. (July, 2019)

SB I-283 a half mile from I-76. (July, 2019)

SB I-283 at I-76. (July, 2019)

Info on the parent route of I-83 in Pennsylvania.

A BGS on SB I-83.

A BGS on WB U.S. Rt. 322.

A BGS on WB U.S. Rt. 322.

SB I-283 at PA St Rt 441.

A guide marker on PA St Rt 441.

SB I-283 north of PA St Rt 230.

A BGS on EB I-76/PA Turn.

20 February 2020