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Pennsylvania Turnpike

The Pennyslvania Turnpike can be considered one of, if not the, first highways in the United States of America. It dates back to 1791, when the Pennsylvania and Lancaster Turnpike was created. Plans for the current highways started in 1901. The turnpike has a total turnpike commsion operates 531 miles of toll highway. 359 miles of that is along the main-line that runs from the Ohio/Pennsylvania State Line to the New Jersey/Pennsylvania State Line, at the Delaware River.

In January, 2005, about half of all tolls collected on the turnpike were from EZ-PASS. Thats the tunrpikes electronic toll collection method. Currently, EZ-PASS is used on the east-west mainline and the Northeast Extension. Plans are being made to expand it to the Mon-Fayette Expressway, Greensburg Bypass and the Beaver Valley Expressway. Interchanges in the Pittsburgh Area have the greatest number of EZ-PASS users.*

Gov. Ed Rendell is expoloring a option to lease the Pennsylvania Turnpike. This option would provide funding for the states transportion needs. In early 2005 a commission was set up to find out how the state could create funding to repair roads and bridges and help the budgets of mass transit agencies in Philadelphia and Allegheny County. Several groups have expressed interest in leasing the turnpike, including Macquarie and Goldman Sachs.**

Near New Baltimore, the steps leading from the turnpike to St. John the Baptist Church will be eliminates by 2011. This is due to a eight mile highway project. It will place the highway in compliance with fedarl highway standards that do not allow pedestrian access to interstates. The stairs were built by contractors half a century ago. Locals say the right-of-way deal forced relocating graves of Crmelite priests who once lived at the monastery. In exchange for the land the toll road built steps to the church. The deal must have been a verbal one because a written pact cannot be located, turnpike officals say. Local church members have also been unable to fund an agreement.***

The Pennsylvania Turnpike passes through the following metro area.


To help local motorist with everyday toll costs. The Pennsylvania Turnpike offers the pre-paid toll system know as "E-ZPASS".

The Pennsylvania Turnpike crosses the following interstates.

Interstate 376, near Big Beaver.
Interstate 79, near Wexford.

WB PA Turn near I-79.

Interstate 376, near Monroeville.
Interstate 70, near New Stanton.
Interstate 99, near Wolfsburg.
Interstate 70, near Breezewood.
Interstate 81, near Middlesex. (NO INTERCHANGE)
Interstate 83, near New Cumberland.
Interstate 283, near Steelton.
Interstate 176, near Morgantown.
Interstate 76, near King of Prussia.
Interstate 276, near King of Prussia.
Interstate 476, near Norristown.
Interstate 95, near Hulmeville. (NO INTERCHANGE)

The Offical Web-Site of the Pennsylvania Turnpike.

Toll plazas on the Pennsylvania Turnpike.

Gateway, near SNPJ.

The stand alone 2 mile sign on WB PA Turn.

The first overhead sign on WB PA Turn.

Another set of overhead signs on WB PA Turn.

The half mile warning on WB PA Turn.

WB PA Turn at the Gateway Toll Barrier.
Beaver Valley, near New Beaver

The two mile warnign sing on WB PA Turn.

The two mile warning sign on WB PA Turn.

WB PA Turn a half mile from the toll.

WB PA Turn at the Beaver Valley Toll Plaza.
Delaware Valley, near Levitttown.
Delaware River Bridge, Pennsylvania/New Jersey State Line.

Interstates posted on the Pennsylvania Turnpike.

Interstate 76, from the Pennsylvania/Ohio State Line to near King of Prussia.
Interstate 70, from near New Stanton to near Breezewood.
Interstate 276, from near King of Prussia to the Pennsylvania/New Jersey State Line.

A BGS on SB I-95.

A guide marker on SB U.S. Rt. 1.

A guide marker on SB U.S. Rt. 1.

A BGS on NB PA St Rt 28.

A sign at a gore point near Cheswick.

WB PA Turn near Indianoia.

A BGS on NB I-76, near Mars.

A BGS on NB I-79 near Cranberry.

A travel advisory sign on NB I-79.

WB PA Turn near Brighton.

WB PA Turn near Enon Valley.

A EZ-PASS sign near the Gateway Toll Barrier on WB PA Turn.

WB PA Turn near the Pennsylvania/Ohio State Line.

A thank you sign on WB PA Turn at the Pennsylvania/Ohio State Line.

*"On turnpike, half of tolls were collected with E-Z Pass" 28 March 2005 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Pittsburgh, PA.
**"Rendell will expole leasing PA. Turnpike" 21 November 2006 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Pittsburgh, PA.
***"Turnpike changes bring an end to church steps" 21 March 2007 The Tribune-Democrat Johnstown, PA

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