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Interstate 26

Intersate 26 runs north-south from the North Carolina/Tennessee State Line, near Flag Pond, to U.S. Rt. 11W, near Kingsport. This replaced Interstate 181 in the "Tri-Cities" area.

Beginning the week of March 5, 2007, the Tennessee Department of Transportation will begin changing all the signage along former I-181 to reflect that the highway is not I-26. All mileage signs, interstate shileds, and exit numbers will be adjusted. This will place the highways in standards with the Federal Highway Administation's west to east mileage designation requirements.*

While in Tennesse, I-26 is multi-plexed.

I-26 is multi-plexed...

...U.S. Rt. 23, throughout Tennessee.
...U.S. Rt. 19W, from near Ernestville, to Johnston City.

Interstate 26 crosses the following interstate in Tennessee.

Interstate 81, near Kingsport.

NB I-26/Former NB I-181 at I-81.

There are no branches of I-26 in Tennessee.

SB I-26 south of the interchange with I-81.

* "It's official: I-181 to become I-26 in Tennessee" ( Bristol Herald Courier [Bristol, TN-VA]; News Channel 11 [WJHL-TV Johnston City, TN]) 1 March 2007

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