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Interstate 381

Interstate 381 is a short expressway running from I-81 south into the City of Bristol. This connects to Virginia State Rtoue 381, which leads into the heart of Bristol.

While in Virginia, I-381 is not multi-plexed.

In Virginia, I-381 crosses the following interstates.

Interstate 81, at Bristol.

BGS on NB I-381 for I-81.

NB I-381 near I-81.

NB I-381 at I-81.

Info on the parent route to I-81.

SB I-81

SB I-381 south I-81.

First indication of the end of I-381.

SB I-381 near the end.

SB I-381 at VA St Rt 381.

NB I-381

One of the few markers for I-381.

NB I-381 at the start of the highway.

NB I-381 near I-81.

18 July 2009