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Interstate 64

Interstate 64 runs east-west the state of West Virginia. From Kentucky, I-64 runs due east to Charleston. This is one of the main expressways through the Charleston Metro Area. At Charleston, I-64 joins on the West Virginia Turnpike and heads south. This highway leaves the turnpike at Berkley and head east to the State of Virgnia.

While in West Virginia, I-64 is multi-plexed.

I-64 is multi-plexed with...

...U.S. Rt. 119, at Charleston.
...Interstate 77, from Charleston to Berkley.

...U.S. Rt. 60, at Charleston.

I-64 runs partly along the West Virginia Turnpike.

Interstate 64, crosses the following interstates in West Virginia.

Interstate 77, at Charleston.

2 mile BGS on NB I-77/WB I-64.

BGS at the 1 1/2 mile mark.

NB I-77/WB I-64 in Donwtonw Charleston.

NB I-77/WB I-64 south of their split.

Looking at the split of NB I-77/WB I-64.

NB I-77 splits to the right and WB I-64 splits to the left.

The gore point of the split between NB I-77 and WB I-64.

Interstate 77, at Berkley.

Toll Plazas on I-64.

Plaza B near Berkley. Toll=$1.25
NB I-77/WB I-64

Toll warning sign on NB I-77/WB I-64.

One mile guild marker for Plaza B

Half Mile warning on NB I-77/WB I-64.

Plaza B from NB I-77/EB I-64.
Plaza C near Charleston. Toll=$1.25

There are no branches of I-64 in West Virginia.

Changable message board on NB I-77/EB I-64.

Guide markers on WB WV St Rt 94.

NB I-77/WB I-64 near Marmet.

NB I-77/WB I-64 at WV St Rt 61.

SB I-77/EB I-64 at WV St Rt 61.

SB I-77/EB I-64 at the Kanawha River.

SB I-77/EB I-64 at the Chuck Yeger Bridge south of Charleston.

SB I-77/EB I-64 on the Yeger Bridge.

Overhead signs on NB I-77/WB I-64.

NB I-77/WB I-64 on the southside of Charleston.

A motorist warning sign near Downtown Charleston.

NB I-77/WB I-64 near the West Virginia State Capital.

On-ramp entrance sign.

BGS in Downtown Charleston on U.S. Rt. 60.

Guide markers in Downtown Charleston.

SB I-77/EB I-64 in Downtown Charleston.

SB I-77/EB I-64 just south of the interchage in Downtown Charleston.

WB I-64 west of the interchange with I-77 at Downtown Charleston.

WB I-64/U.S. Rt. 119 at the Kanawha River crossing north of Downtown Charleston.

WB I-64/U.S. Rt. 119 crossing the Kanawha River.

WB I-64 in South Charleston.

WB I-64 marker.

Warning sign on WB I-64 near the Kanawha River crossing at the Kanawha/Putnam County Line.

WB I-64 near the Kanawha River at the Kanawha/Putnam County Line.

River and bridge marker on WB I-64.

WB I-64 crossing the Kanawha River.

Several of these markers are found along I-64.

WB I-64 in Eastern Cabell County.

WB I-64 near Huntington.

WB I-64 near the Kentucky/West Virginia State Line.

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