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West Virginia Turnpike

The West Virginia Turnpike is a north-south toll highway in Western West Virginia. This highway is 88 miles in lenght. It runs from Charleston to Princeton. The turnpike has 3 main-line toll gates and one spur toll gate.

Two bridges along the West Virginia Turnpike have been placed in historical protection. They have been placed on the federal Register of Historica Places. The two bridges are the only two original stell work spans on the 88-mile turnpike. One bridge is named forArmy Sergeant Cornelius Charlton. It is in Mercer County. He got the Medal of Honor and was killed in combat during the Korean War on June 2nd, 1951. In Kanawha County the other bridge is located. It is named after General Chuck Yeager. He was the first person to break the sound barrier.*

The West Virginia Turnpike passes through the following metro areas.

To help local motorist with everyday toll costs. The West Virginia Turnpike offers the pre-paid toll system know as "E-ZPASS".

The West Virginia Turnpike crosses the following interstates.
Interstate 64, at Charleston and Berkley.
Interstate 77, at Charleston and Princeton.

The Offical Web-Site of the West Virginia Turnpike.

West Virginia Turnpike

Main-Line Toll Plazas on the turnpike.

Plaza A, near Cool Ridge. Toll=$1.25
NB I-77 at Plaza A.

Plaza B, near Berkley Toll=$1.25
NB I-77 at Plaza B.

Plaza C, near East Bank. Toll=$1.25

NB Turnpike near Cool Ridge.

NB Turnpike near Mossy.

NB I-77/WB I-64 near Marmet.

SB Turnpike at WV St Rt 61.

SB Turnpike starts at the Kanawha River.

The turnpike crosses the Kanawha River on the Chuck Yeger Bridge.

SB Turnpike crossing the Yeger Bridge.

Thank you sign at the end of the turnpike.

"2 turnpike bridges receive federal historic protection" Herald-Dispatch 9 Septemeber 2006