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Interstate 68

Interstate 68 is an east-west highway in Northern West Virginia. It runs from the Maryland State Line, near Hazelton, to Interstate 79, near Morgantown. There are about 31 and a half miles in the state.

While in West Virginia, I-68 is not multi-plexed.

Interstate 68, crosses the follow interstate in West Virginia.

Interstate 79, near Morgantown.

WB I-68 two miles from I-79.

WB I-68 one mile from I-79.

WB I-68 near I-79.

WB I-68 at I-79.

There are no branches of I-68 in West Virginia.

WB I-68 at the West Virginia Welcome Sign.

WB I-68 near Hazelton.

WB I-68 near Brandonville.

WB I-68 west of Brandonville.

WB I-68 near Coopers Rock State Park.

WB I-68 near the Preston/Monogalia County Line.

WB I-68 near WV St Rt 43.

WB I-68 near Cheat Lake.

WB I-68 near Morgantown.

A junction marker on SB WV St Rt 7.

A set of guide markers on WV St Rt 7.

WB I-68 at Morgantown.

WB I-78 near I-79.

The western end marker.

30 December 2012