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Interstate 79

Interstate 79 runs across a good portion of Central West Virginia. This highway originates in Charleston at Interstate 79 and head east to near Sutton, at the U.S. Rt. 19 Freeway. Near Sutton, I-79 head north towards Clarksburg and Morgantown.

While in West Virginia, I-79 is multi-plexed.

I-79 is multi-plexed with...

...U.S. Rt. 19, from near Sutton to near Flatwood.

Interstate 79 crosses the following interstates in West Virginia.

Interstate 68, at Morgantown.
Interstate 77, at Charleston.

One mile marker on SB I-79.

Close-up of the BGS from the pictures above.

SB I-79 at I-77.

SB I-79 at the gore point.

There are no branches of I-79 in West Viginia.

NB I-79 near the Pennsylvania/West Virginia State Line.

NB I-79 near Morgantown.

NB I-79 at U.S. Rt. 19, near Morgantown.

NB I-79 south of U.S. Rt. 19, near Morgantown.

A BGS on NB I-79.

NB I-79 north of I-68.

A BGS on WB I-68.

A set of guide markers on WV St Rt 7.

Guide markers on U.S. R.t 119, near Charleston.

SB I-79 near the interchange with I-77.

BGS on NB I-77/WB I-64 in Downtown Charleston.

BGS sign in Downtown Charleston on U.S. Rt. 60.

Guide markers in Downtown Charleston.

Southern end marker for I-79 at I-77, Charleston.

30 December 2012