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West Virginia Secondary State Highways

The secondary state highways of West Virginia are interesting highways. These do not appear on the state highway map from the West Virginia Department of Transpartation. The secondary highways are actually old, or former, county highways. To take the financial burden off the counties shoulders, in 1933 the state passed legislation to make the county highways under the state jurusdiction. This is one of four states that have this type of situation.

The numbering of these highways are interesting. Mainline state highways are squares while the secondary routes are in circles. Sometimes there are "fractional" number route. Such as 9/9. What those mean is that the highway is "spur" off WV St Rt 9. Plus, this is the 9th such spur.***

Located in Berkeley County.
Located in Preston County.
Located in Putnam County.
Located in Mercer County.
Located in Ohio County.
Located in Raleigh County.
Located in Monongalia County.
Located in Fayette County.
Located in Kanawha County.
Located in Cabell County.
Located in Preston County.

***Info from a e-mail from Bob Anthony, West Virginia Department of Transportation.

24 July 2009