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Arcola, IL 61910

Post Office Location: 107 South Oak Street; Arcola, IL
Year Post Office built:
Town(s) Served: Arcola
Acceptable City Names: Arcola
Not Acceptable City Names:
Sectional Service Facility: Champaign (South)
County(ies): Coles, Douglas

Info on Arcola:

The City of Arcola is located along Interstate 57, U.S. 45, Illinois 133, and the Candian National Railroad. This is home to aprox. 2,916 residents (2010 census). Arcola was founded in 1855. The formation of the town was down by the Illinois Central Railroad, now Canadian National. This was the birthplace of John Barton Gruelle, the creator of Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy. At Arcola, you will find Rockhome Gardens, the world's only Hippie Memorial, and the Illinois Amish Interpretive Center.

Looking at the Arcola Post Office. (September, 2011)