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Interstate 84

Interstate 84 runs east-west across Western and Central Connecticut. It goes from the New York/Connecticut State Line, near Danbury, to the Connecticut/Massachusetts State Line, near Mashapaug. There are two "children" interstates of I-84 in Connecticut. Only one (I-384) connects to their "parent", I-84. Interstate 684, crosses into Connecticut from the State of New York for about one mile, near Round Hill.

While in Connecticut, I-84 is multi-plex.

I-84 is multi-plexed with...

...U.S. Rt. 7, at Danbury.
...U.S. Rt. 6, at Danbury.
...U.S. Rt. 202, at Danbury.

...U.S. Rt. 6, from Newtown to Southbury.

...Connecticut State Route 72, from near Plainville to New Britian.
...U.S. Rt. 6, from near Farmington to East Hartford.
...U.S. Rt. 44, from Hartford to East Hartford.

In Connecticut, Interstate 84 crosses the following interstates.

Interstate 691, near Milldale.
Interstate 91, at Hartford.

BGS's on EB I-84 near I-91.

Interstate 384, at East Hartford.
Interstate 291, at East Hartford.

A set of BGS on EB I-84 near I-291.

Branches of I-84 in Connecticut.

The Connecticut Welcome sign on WB I-84.
Photo from: Paul Dienhart

A guide marker at the Connecticut Welcome Center.
Photo from: Paul Dienhart.

A set of guide markers on the ramps from I-84/384.

A BGS on SB I-91.

WB I-84/U.S. Rt. 6 at Downtown Hartford.

WB I-84/U.S. Rt. 6 near Turmbull in Hartford.

WB I-84/U.S. Rt. 6 near High in Hartford.

A BGS in Hartford.

A BGS on SB I-91.

WB I-84 near Waterbury.

WB I-84 on the eastside of Waterbury.

WB I-84 east of the Naugatuck River.

WB I-84 crossing the Maugatuck River.

WB I-84 near Highland Ave. in Waterbury.

WB I-84 on the westside of Waterbury.

WB I-84 near CT St Rt 63/64.

WB I-84 near Naugatuck.

WB I-84/U.S. Rt. 6, near Rocky Glen State Park.

WB I-84/U.S. Rt. 6 near Sandy Hook.

A BGS on WB I-84/U.S. Rt. 6.

WB I-84/U.S. Rt. 6 in Danbury.

WB I-84/U.S. Rt. 6-202/SB U.S. Rt. 7 near Ridgewood Country Club.

A set of BGS's on WB I-84/U.S. Rt. 6-202/SB U.S. Rt. 7.

WB I-84/SB U.S. Rt. 7 at WB U.S. Rt. 6/202.

A BGS on WB I-84/SB U.S. Rt. 7.

WB I-84 near the New York State Line.

9 March 2016