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The Illinois toll highway system is mostly located in Northeastern Illinois, with the exception of the western ends of the Northwest Tollway and the Reagan Tollway. Those to end in North-Central Illinois. The entire toll highway is funded by tolls and not state taxes. Currently, there are four tollways, Tri-State, Jane Addams Memorial, Ronald Reagan Memorial, and Veterans Memorial. The only toll highway in Illinois that is not part of the Illinois Tollway is the Chicago Skyway. This is owned by the City of Chicago. It is leased to Cintra-Macquarie. They operate and maintain it.

The entire toll highway system is patroled by the Illinois State Police District 15. To help dis-abled motorist, during peak rush times and cold weather condtions, the Illinois Tollway has H.E.L.P. trucks patroling the tollway to aid them.

Like most toll highways in the county, Illinois uses a eltronic pay system to aid everyday drivers in making life easier. The Illinois Tollway calls the program I-PASS. The trasponders can be gotten through mail or in peroson at the tollway headquaters. Tollway offices are located in Downers Grove, on Ogden Ave. This is right at the junction of the North-South, and East-West Tollways. Plus, now I-PASS can be purchased at most Chicagoland Area Jewel-Osco Stores.

The toll highway authority has approved a 5.3 billion dollar plan to raise tolls. This will pay for the 12-mile extention of the Veterans Memorial Tollway (I-355), and re-build the enitre toll system. Toll for non-IPASS users will double. Also, over the next 10-years the plan calls for teh entire system to be a open toll system. All plaza's will be converted to be like the Boughton Road Toll Plaza on the Veterans Memorial Tollway.

From Roads of the Mid-South & West

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