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Interstate 35

Interstate 35 is a north-south that runs across portions of Central and Eastern Kansas. Most of this highway runs along the Kansas Turnpike. It goes from the Kansas/Oklahoma State Line, near South Haven, to the Kansas/Missouri State Line, at Kansas City.

In Kansas, I-35 is multi-plexed.

I-135 is multi-plexed with...

...U.S. Rt. 50, from Emporia to Lenexa.
...U.S. Rt. 56, from Gardner to Merriam.

...U.S. Rt. 169, from Olathe to Merriam.

...U.S. Rt. 69, from Lenexa to Merriam.

...U.S. Rt. 69, from Overland Park to Kansas City.

Interstate 35 crosses the following intersates in Kansas.

Interstate 135, at Wichita.

BGS's on NB I-35/KT.

BGS on NB I-35/KT.

Interstate 335, (Kansas Turnpike), at Emporia.
Interstate 435, at Lenexa.

NB I-35/U.S. Rt. 169; EB U.S. Rt. 50/56 one mile from I-435.

NB I-435/U.S. Rt. 169; EB U.S. Rt. 50/56 a half mile from EB I-435.

NB I-435/U.S. Rt. 169; EB U.S. Rt. 50/56 at I-435.

NB I-435/U.S. Rt. 169; EB U.S. Rt. 56 at WB I-435.
Interstate 635, at Overland Park.

NB I-35 less than a mile from I-635.

NB I-35 near I-635.

NB I-35 at I-635.

Toll Plazas on I-35.

Southern Terminal #4, near South Haven.

Warning signs on NB KT.

A overhead stop ahead sign on NB KT.

NB KT near the Southern Turnpike.

Looking north at the Southern Terminal. NB gets a ticket. SB pays their toll.

NB KT at the Southern Terminal.
Emporia: I-35N Terminal

Branches of I-35 in Kansas.

Looking north along the I-35 near the Oklahoma/Kansas State Line. SB on left. NB on Right.

NB I-35 south of the Southern Terminal.

NB I-35 at the Belle Plaine Service Area.

NB KT in Wichita.

A common sign found along the I-35.

NB I-35 near the Butler/Chase County Line.

NB I-35 in Chase County.

NB I-35 near the Chase/Lyons County Line.

NB I-35 in Lyons County.

Guide markers along I-35.

Looking south along NB I-35, south of Emporia.

A BGS on NB I-35.

Another BGS on NB I-35.

A guide marker on the ramp to NB I-35 from NB I-335.

A BOS on EB I-70; U.S. Rt. 24/40; KT.

A BGS on SB I-435.

NB I-35/U.S. Rt. 169; WB U.S. Rt. 56 north of I-435/U.S. Rt. 50/KS St Rt 10.

NB I-35/U.S. Rt. 69-169; EB U.S. Rt. 56 in Merriam.

NB I-35 near Mission Road.

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