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U.S. Federal Route 169
Johnson County

U.S. Federal Route 169 runs north-south in Johnson County. It runs from the Johnson/Miami County Line, north to the Kansas City Metro Area, and leaves Johnson County at Westwood.

U.S. Rt. 169 passes through the following towns in Johnson County.

Overland Park
Mission Hills
Mission Woods
Westwood Hills

U.S. Rt. 169 is multi-plexed in Johnson County.
Kansas State Route 7, from the Johnson/Miami County Line to Olathe.
Interstate 35, from Olathe to Merriam.
U.S. Rt. 50, from Olathe to Lenexa.
U.S. Rt. 56, from Olathe to Mission Woods.
U.S. Rt. 69, from Lenexa to Overland Park.

U.S. Rt. 169 intersects the following highways in Johnson County.
Interstate 35, at Olathe.
U.S. Rt. 50, at Olathe.
U.S. Rt. 56, at Olathe.
Kansas State Route 7, at Olathe.
Interstate 435, at Lenexa.
U.S. Rt. 50, at Lenexa.
Kansas State Route 10, at Lenexa.
U.S. Rt. 69, at Lenexa.
Interstate 35, at Merriam.
U.S. Rt. 69, at Overland Park.
U.S. Rt. 56, at Mission Woods.

NB I-35/U.S. Rt. 169; EB U.S. Rt. 50/56 in Olathe.

NB I-35/U.S. Rt. 169; EN U.S. Rt. 56 at I-435/KS St Rt 10.

A junction marker on EB I-435/KS St Rt 10.

NB I-35/U.S. Rt. 169; EB U.S. Rt. 56 north of I-435/U.S. Rt. 50/KS St Rt 10 in Lenexa.

NB I-35/69/169; EB U.S. Rt. 56 in Merriam.

A set of guide markers on EB U.S. Rt. 56/NB U.S. Rt. 169.
Photo from: Paul Dienhart

4 August 2015