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Interstate 265

Interstate 265 is the outer-loop on the Louisville Expressway system. It runs from Interstate 65, near Minor Lane Heights to Interstate 71, near Brownsboro Farm.

The FHWA Route Log listes I-265 as being 24.48 mile long. This runs on the Gene Snyder Freeway. Future plans call for the Kentucky portion of I-265 to join up with the Indiana portion of I-265, near Prospect.

While in Kentucky, I-265 is multi-plexed.

I-265 is multi-plexed with...

...Kentucky State Route 841, along the entire route.

Interstate 265 crosses the following interstates in Kentucky.

Interstate 65, near Minor Lane Heights.

WB I-265 just west of KY St Rt 61.

WB I-265 near I-65.

WB I-265 at I-65.

Interstate 64, near Middletown.

NB I-265 at WB I-64.

Interstate 71, near Brownsboro Farm.

NB I-265 near I-71.

NB I-265 at I-71.

Info on the parent highway of I-265.

A junction marker on NB KY St Rt 61.

NB I-265/KY St Rt 841 north of U.S. Rt. 60.

23 August 2009