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Kentucky State Route 260
Hopkins County

Kentucky State Route 260 is a short east-west highway in northern Hopkins County. This is the main link between the village of Hanson and the Pennyrile Parkway.

KY St Rt 260 passes through the following town in Hopkins County.

KY St Rt 260 is not multi-plexed in Hopkins County.

KY St Rt 260 intersects the following highways in Hopkins County.

Kentucky Secondary State Route 1069, near Hanson.
U.S. Rt. 41, at Hanson.

Interstate 69, near Hanson.
Edward T. Breathitt Pennyrile Parkway, near Hanson.
Kentucky State Route 281, near Vandetta.
Kentucky State Route 254, near Anton.

EB KY St Rt 260 west of U.S. Rt. 41.

EB KY St Rt 260 east of Hanson.

BGS on SB Pennyrile Pkwy.

1 February 2019