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Interstate 495
Capital Beltway

Interstate 495 forms the capital beltway around Metro-Washington D.C. The Maryland portion forms the northern parts of the beltway. Both ends of the of interstate are at a Potomac River crossing. The northern border is at the Virginia/Maryland State Line. While the southern border is at the Maryland/Washington D.C. border on the Woodrow Wilson Bridge. Before the interstate enters Virgnia, it breifly crosses into Washington D.C. while crossing the Potomac River.

While in Maryland, I-495 is multi-plexed.

I-495 is multi-plexed with...

...Interstate 95, from the D.C. line to near College Park.

In Maryland, Interstate 495 crosses the following interstates.

Interstate 295, near Oxon Hill.

SB I-95/495 over one mile from I-295.

SB I-95/495 near I-295.

SB I-95/495 at I-295.

NB I-95/495 two miles from I-295. This is in Virgnia.

A BGS on NB I-95/495 on the the Woodrow Wilson Bridge for I-295.

NB I-95/495 near I-295.

NB I-95/495 at I-295.

Interstate 595, near New Carrollton.
Interstate 95, near College Park.

NB I-95/495 two miles from north I-95.

NB I-95/495 near north I-95.

NB I-95/495 before north I-95.

NB I-95/495 at north I-95.

Interstate 270, near Bethesda.

WB I-495 one mile form I-270.

WB I-495 a half mile from I-270.

WB I-495 near I-270.

WB I-495 at I-270.

Info on the parent of I-495 in Maryland.

WB I-495 near Forest Glen.

WB I-495 near Sligo Creek Park.

A WB guide marker.

WB I-495 at the north I-95 interchange, near College Park.

NB I-95/495 near College Park.

A BGS on NB MD St Rt 295/B-W Pkwy.

A BGS on WB I-595/U.S. Rt. 50.

SB I-95/495 south of I-595/U.S. Rt. 50.

SB I-95/495 near District Heights.

SB I-95/495 near Oxon Hill.

SB I-95/495 near a warning sign for the local/express lanes split.

SB I-95/495 at the the first sign of the Woodrow Wilson Bridge.

SB I-95/495 near MD St Rt 210.

A drawbridge warning sign on SB I-95/495.

SB I-95/495 near the National Harbor.

SB I-95/495 near the Potomac River.

A sign for the Woodrow Wilson Bridge.

A draw bridge warning sign on SB I-95/495.

SB I-95/495 at the stop here signs on the bridge.

NB I-95/495 at the Maryland Welcome Sign.

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