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Interstate 70

Interstate 70 runs east-west through much of Southern Pennsylvania. It enterst the state from West Virginia, near West Alexander and runs east to New Station. Here it joins the Pennsylvania Turnpike. I-70 runs along the Penna Turnpike with I-76, to Breezewood, where it heads south. South of Warfordsburg, it enters the State of Maryland.

The stretch of I-70 through Westmoreland and Washington Counties, has had a event full history. It's past is filled with poor construction habits and debris filled road ways.

On Tuesday December, 27, 2005 a overpass on I-70 east of Interstate 79 collapsed on to the highway. The bridge that collapsed is the Lakeview Drive Bridge, and is located between the points where I-70 intersets with I-79. Three people from Cincinnati were injured in the collapse. A three mile strech of I-70 was closed for at least a day.*

PennDOT closed two concrete box girder bridges in Washington County over I-70. Since the bridge on PA St Rt 1014 collapsed on December, 27, 2005, PennDOT has reviewed the 13 bridges of this design in the area. The closed bridges are PA St Rt 4049, Main Street, in South Strabane Township and PA St Rt 1091, Ridge Road and Sumney Road in Somerset Township. PennDOT believes these bridges have reinforcing strands embedded in the concrete that have deteriorated.**

While in Pennsylvania, I-70 is multi-plexed.

I-70 is multi-plexed with...

...Interstate 79, near East Washington.

...Interstate 76, from New Station to near Breezewood.

...U.S. Rt. 30, at Breezewood.

...U.S. Rt. 522, from near Warfordsburg to the Pennsylvania/Maryland State Line.

Info on the Pennsylvania Turnpike.

In Pennsylvania, Interstate 70 crosses the following interstates.

Interstate 79, at Washington.

The first BGS on EB I-70.

EB I-70 near NB I-79.

EB I-70 at NB I-79.

WB I-70 at NB I-79.

Interstate 79, at East Washington.
Interstate 76, at New Station.

WB I-70/76 two miles from west I-76. (July, 2019)

A BGS two miles from west I-76 on WB I-70/76. (July, 2019)

A BGS one mile from west I-76 on WB I-70/76. (July, 2019)

WB I-70 at WB I-76. (July, 2019)

Interstate 99, near Wolfsburg.

A BGS on EB I-70/76 two miles from I-99. (July, 2019)

A BGS on EB I-70/76 one mile from I-99. (July, 2019)

EB I-70/76 at I-99. (July, 2019)

A BGS on WB I-70/76 two miles from I-99. (July, 2019)

A BGS on WB I-70/76 one mile from I-99. (July, 2019)

WB I-70/76 at I-99. (July, 2019)
Interstate 76, near Breezewood.

A BGS on EB I-70/76 for EB I-76. (July, 2019)

A set of BGS's on EB I-70/76 for EB I-76. (July, 2019)

A BGS on EB I-70/76 for EB I-76. (July, 2019)

EB I-70/76 at EB I-70. (July, 2019)

WB I-70 at east I-76. (July, 2019)

Toll plazas on I-70 in Pennsylvania.

New Stanton, near New Stanton
Breezewood, near Breezewood.

Heading north through the Breezewood Toll Plaza. (July, 2019)

A toll warning sign for the Breezewood Toll Plaza heading WB. (July, 2019)

WB at the Breezewood Toll Plaza. (July, 2019)

There are no branches of I-70 in Pennsylvania.

Photos of Interstate 70 as it travels through Pennsylvania.
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"I-70 To Remian Closed After Bridge Collapses" CBS2 KDKA-TV; Pittsburgh, PA 28 December 2005

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