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Interstate 640

Interstate 640 is the main by-pass for Downtown Knoxville. This route is aprox. 9 mile. The entire route is multi-plexed with another route.

While in Tennesse, I-640 is multi-plexed several time.

I-640 is multi-plexed with...

...Interstate 75, at Knoxville.

...U.S. Rt. 25W, at Knoxville.
...Tennessee State Route 9, at Knoxville.

Interstate 640 crosses the following interstates in Tennessee.

Interstate 40, at Knoxville.
Interstate 75, at Knoxville.
Interstate 75, at Knoxville.
Interstate 275, at Knoxville.

EB I-640 near I-75/275.

EB I-640 at I-75/275.
Interstate 40, at Knoxville.

Info on the partent route of I-640.

EB I-40/NB I-75 near I-640 on the westside of Knoxville.

Overhead signs for the interchage.

Sign for Hazardous Cargo trucks on EB I-40.

EB I-40/NB I-75 near I-640.

EB I-40 at the gore point with NB I-75/EB I-640.

NB I-75/EB I-640 north of the interchage with I-40 on the westside of Knoxville.

9 October 2009