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Interstate 40

Interstate 40 is one of the longest interstates, if not the longest interstate, in Tennessee. Running from the Arkansas/Tennessee State Line at Memphis, to North Carolina near Hartford, TN. I-40 links most of the major cities in Tennessee together. It also provides downtown Nashville with a direct link to Nashville International Airport.

EB I-40 near I-65, at Nashville.

While in Tennessee, I-40 is multi-plexed several times.

I-40 is multi-plexed with...

...Interstate 69, at Memphis.
...Interstate 65, through downtown Nashville

...Interstate 24, for about 3 miles southeast of Downtwon Nashville.

...Interstate 75, from the Knox/Loudon County Line to Knoxville

...U.S. Rt. 25W, at Knoxville.
...Tennessee State Route 9, at Knoxville.

Interstates that I-40 cross in Tennessee.

Interstate 69, at Memphis.
Interstate 240, at Memphis.

EB I-40 near I-240 in Midtown-Memphis.

Another BGS on EB I-40.

WB I-40 near I-240.
Interstate 69, at Memphis.
Interstate 240, at Memphis.

WB I-40 about a mile from I-240.

WB I-40 near I-240.

WB I-40 at I-240.
Interstate 440, (Four Fourty Freeway) at Nashville
EB I-40

Graphical BGS on EB I-40.

EB I-40 near I-440.

One of the last BGS on EB I-40 for I-440.

EB I-40 at I-440.
WB I-40

WB I-40 near I-440.

WB I-40 with in a 1/2 mile of I-440.

WB I-40 at I-440.
Interstate 65, at Nashville

First BGS for the split on the northwest side of downtown Nashville.

WB I-40/NB I-65 on the westside of Downtown Nashville.

The last BGS at this split.

Curve warning sign.

WB I-40 at the gore point.
Interstate 65, at Nashville.

BGS on WB I-40.

WB I-40 at I-65 south of Downtown Nashville.

WB I-40 at the gore point to SB I-65.

Interstate 24, at Nashville

WB I-24/40, one (1) mile from their split at the Cumberland River.

WB I-24/40 near thier stack interchange at the Cumberland River.

Interstate 24, at Nashville.
WB I-40

BGS on WB I-40.

WB I-40 near Murfreesboro Road.

WB I-40 at I-24.
EB I-40

EB I-24/40 near the first signs for the interchange.

EB I-24/40 at another overhead sign for the interchange.

Portions of EB I-24/40 are very narrow in this area.

EB I-24/40 at the split.
Interstate 75, near Knoxville
Interstate 140, near Farragut.
Interstate 75, at Knoxville.
Interstate 640, at Knoxville

EB I-40/NB I-75 near I-640 at Knoxville.

Overhead signs for the interchange.

Marker of Hazardous Cargo.

EB I-40/NB I-75 near I-640.

EB I-40 at the gore point for NB I-75/EB I-640.
Interstate 275, at Knoxville
Interstate 640, at Knoxville

One of the first BGS for I-640 on the eastside of Knoxville.

BGS for I-640.

EB I-40 at I-640. The fly-over to WB I-640 is in view ahead.
Interstate 81, near Dandridge

The first marker for the interchange.

EB I-40 at the one mile point.

Close-up of the BGS from the picture above.

The half mile point.

EB I-40 near the gore point.

EB I-40 at the gore point.

Branches of I-40 in Tennessee

EB I-40 at the Tennessee/Arkansas State Line.

WB I-40 on the Tennessee side of the Mississippi River Bridge.

WB I-40 crossing the Mississippi River.

The Hernando De Soto Bridge which carries I-40 over the Mississippi River at night.

The Hernando De Soto Bridge during the day.

EB I-40 near Watkins Street in Memphis.

WB I-40 near M.P. 196.

WB I-40 near M.P. 201.

WB I-40 near 46th Ave. on Nashville's westside.

Sign to I-40/65 on Broadway Ave. in Nashville.

WB I-40/NB I-65 on the southwest side of Downtown Nashville.

WB I-40, west of I-24 at the Cumberland River.

WB I-24/40 looking at Downtown Nashville.

EB I-40 just past the split from I-24 at Nashville

EB I-40 after the I-24 split.

EB I-40 near Tennessee State Route 155 (Briley Parkway) and Nashville International Airport

EB I-40 at Tennessee State Route 155 (Briley Parkway).

EB I-40 in Wilson County.

EB I-40/NB I-75 on the westside of Knoxville.

Marker for WB I-40 in Downtown Knoxville.

WB I-40 in Downtown Knoxville.

BGS in Downtown Knoxville.

Overhead guide marker n Downtown Knoxville.

A set of guide markers in Downtown Knoxville.

EB I-40 near the Broadway interchange in Downtown Knoxville.

BGS from the pictures above.

EB I-40 on the eastside of Knoxville.

EB I-40 east of Knoxville.

EB I-40 near Danridge.

EB I-40 near TN St Rt 92.

EB I-40 near I-81.

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